What is the Grant for Oncology Innovation?

Investigators leading innovative research projects which have the potential to advance the implementation of personalized treatment for solid tumors are invited to apply.
Potential research topics that could be funded through the Grant for Oncology Innovation include: Research on molecular biomarkers or new targeted treatments, technology platforms for the routine analysis of molecular biomarkers, side effect management and platforms or tools that allow patients to access individualized treatment.

Unsuitable research projects

Any potential research projects may not involve the direct testing of any of Merck’s products (e.g. clinical trials evaluating the safety and/or efficacy of any of Merck’s products, or comparative trials involving any of Merck’s products).

A total, annual grant of up to €1,000,000 will be shared by a number of selected projects.
Research proposals with budgets of up to €500,000 will be considered.

The grant is built on the success of the Grant for Fertility Innovation (GFI) and the Grant for Multiple Sclerosis Innovation (GMSI), which between them have awarded grants totaling over €10,000,000 to translational research projects since 2010.

Applications will be evaluated by a Scientific Steering Committee including internationally renowned clinical oncologists and researchers.